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Automate Appointment Scheduling

No schedule arrangement, No disruption to your workflow

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AI screening & Digitized interviews

Pre-qualify candidates and assess their fit for the role

Interview Questions Generator

Just 5 minutes to get ready for the next-round interview

Our Vision
screening iconRecruiters will be able to conduct proactive strategic hiring rather than spend most of their time with reactive backfilling
Streamline or automate some part of the recruiting workflow, especially repetitive high-volume tasks
Eliminate the need for initial screening calls and only focus on qualified candidates
Voices From HR
Any area of recruiting where distinct inputs and outputs occur – like screening, sourcing and assessments – will largely become automated
If recruiters and companies can learn to pair themselves with a specific AI, they can train it to understand a particular corporate mission
Augmented Intelligence, rather than totally replacing people at work will be used to make them more effective